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Threatened Seal Pup Killed by Off-Leash Dog

Dana Watts - May 14, 2019

This spring a Guadalupe fur seal pup, recognized as a threatened species, was attacked and killed by an off-leash dog in a California National Park. Visitors who saw what was happening tried to get the dog off the seal by kicking sand, said park spokesperson Jennifer Stock. But it was too little too late; by the time the dog let go and rescuers arrived on scene the seal pup was dead. An examination by The Marine Mammal Center confirmed the cause of death was the dog attack.

It’s stories like this that Leave No Trace works every day to prevent. Whether teaching tens of thousands of children every year how to keep wildlife wild, or conducting and distributing research that results in fewer human-wildlife conflicts, Leave No Trace is working on critical initiatives that can save our wild creatures. But we cannot accomplish this outcome without you.

Be a part of the solution. Donate $10 to Leave No Trace today to provide direct support for education and research that can put a stop to the unnecessary deaths of wildlife. Together, through this important education, we can protect our beloved wild animals.

Thank you for your advocacy on behalf of Leave No Trace and wildlife.

Dana Watts
Executive Director

P.S. — We’re dog lovers, too. Spending time outside with furry-friends can be fun and good for health and longevity. To learn more about how to enjoy the outdoors responsibly with pets visit

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