Activities & Games

Bigfoot’s Playbook

A Youth Educator’s Guide to Leave No Trace Activities, Games, and Experiential Curriculum

Bigfoot’s Playbook is the Center’s newest resource to connect kids meaningfully to Leave No Trace! Bigfoot’s Playbook provides experiential education activities specific to the Seven Principles that help kids understand what it means to Leave No Trace in their lives and their community.

This book is a great resource for camps, schools, and youth programs who are looking to facilitate engaging Leave No Trace activities with kids. Bigfoot’s Playbook provides structured activities that help to develop an awareness of and responsibility for practices that have minimum impact on the environment.

Volume 1 Features:

  • Activity Materials PDF‘s of all the Leave No Trace activity materials referenced in specific activities.
  • 38 activities
  • A users guide to identify what activity is best suited for various ages, group sizes, and time constraints.
  • Resources to help you build Leave No Trace into various areas of your youth program.
  • Tips for how to engage youth in Leave No Trace.

Want to know more about how the curriculum works in a youth-program setting? Listen to feedback from camps that were integral to the pilot process!