These activities turn the concepts of Leave No Trace into interactive games & challenges for youth. Gone are the days where learning Leave No Trace should involve memorization of the exact words of the Seven Principles. Today’s Leave No Trace is best taught by incorporating movement and play, allowing youth to better understand their relationship to the values of Leave No Trace. These activities include themes from experiential education as well as positive youth development.

Virtual Park Tour

Take a virtual tour of a National Park and design a Leave No Trace brochure about your visit!

Ethics Game

An activity to help young people develop a greater understanding of their own personal outdoor ethic.

LEGO & Leave No Trace Vol. 2

Use LEGOs or any building blocks you have available and follow these Leave No Trace prompts to practice outdoor stewardship while playing indoors.

Trash Timeline

An activity to get participants thinking about how long objects last when they are left behind in the outdoors.

What Principle Am I?

Join the PEAK characters to learn more about each of the Seven Principles of Leave No Trace.

Bigfoot & Friends Activity Booklet

Check out this fun and engaging activity booklet for young people designed to come along on the next adventure exploring a new park, outdoor area or their backyard! Printing instructions included!

Let’s protect and enjoy our natural world together

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