Types of Outreach Provided by the Traveling Trainers

Please review the descriptions in the document below to see what type of program would best support your event and training needs.  The Team will cater their program to your specific objectives, so please provide as much as information as possible when submitting your event request, including: Host organization information, audience and expected attendance, and whether the event is open to the public. 

Learn more about the trainings, educational programs and outreach events provided by the Traveling Trainers, along with frequently asked questions.

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Program Descriptions

Trainer Courses:

Leave No Trace Trainer Courses are two-day trainings conducted in an outdoor setting. Trainer courses are designed to help participants better understand and teach Leave No Trace skills and ethics. Upon successful completion of the Trainer Course, participants will receive a Leave No Trace Trainer Certificate. The goal of the Trainer Course is to promote, inspire, and teach Leave No Trace outdoor skills to outdoor professionals, public agency personnel, members of private businesses, and organizations who are likewise committed to promoting outdoor ethics. This course is designed in a train-the-trainer format whereby successful course participants will learn to teach the Leave No Trace principles to clients, customers, or peers. The cost per participant for a Trainer Course facilitated by the Subaru/Leave No Trace Traveling Trainers is $100 for courses hosted by Leave No Trace Community Partners (at $300 level or higher) and $125 for courses hosted by non-partners. The minimum number of participants is 5; the maximum is 12. 



Awareness Workshops:

An Awareness Workshop is any formal Leave No Trace presentation that is one-day or less in length. Below is a general description of different types of Awareness Workshops. NOTE: We require a minimum group size of 12 participants for Awareness Workshops. Smaller groups will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

Adult/Leader Workshops - These trainings are designed for both individuals interested in learning about Leave No Trace and those interested in teaching Leave No Trace. They include a wide variety of programs ranging from a 30-minute presentation to a day-long workshop. The teams facilitate experiential-based programs that include interactive presentations, activities, and discussion focused on the elements of the Leave No Trace minimum impact program. At the core of these trainings are the Leave No Trace Seven Principles. However, the information can be easily adapted for specific audiences, environments, or recreational needs. In addition to learning the hows and whys behind the importance of practicing Leave No Trace, participants will discover how to easily and effectively integrate Leave No Trace into their daily lives and programs. Awareness Workshops offered by our Subaru/Leave No Trace Traveling Trainers are free.

Teams have conducted these types of workshops for agency staff, educators, college students, outdoor professionals, trail crews, hiking club members, retail store employees and others interested in Leave No Trace skills and ethics. Program length depends on the needs of the audience and can be tailored for a specific outdoor user group or to certain aspects of the Leave No Trace program.



Youth Awareness Workshop -  Our teams provide hands-on educational workshops and information to youth 6-18 years on how to enjoy the outdoors responsibly. These programs are designed to introduce kids and teens to the outdoors and pique their interest in outdoor recreation and stewardship. By practicing Leave No Trace, we can preserve and protect our public lands for future generations. The teams visit students, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, youth serving organizations, and summer camps to teach youth of all ages how to Leave No Trace through games, activities, and slideshows. This 1-2 hour workshop will include many Leave No Trace activities from Bigfoot's Playbook, PEAK (Promoting Environmental Awareness in Kids), and our Teen Program.

Youth Leader/Educator Training - Our teams offer training for teachers, guides, and other leaders interested in teaching kids how to enjoy the outdoors responsibly. This 1-2 hour long workshop will include how to use Leave No Trace's Bigfoot's Playbook, PEAK, and our Teen Program




Outreach Events:

The teams travel with a ready to go 10x10 booth/pop up display with free educational materials, activities that align with the Leave No Trace Seven Principles, and information on ways people can get more involved with Leave No Trace. Additionally, they travel in an eye-catching wrapped Subaru vehicle that they can pull up next to their booth, if space allows. All booth outreach events conducted by the Traveling Trainers are free.

Different ways we have activated:

Trailhead Greetings - The Traveling Trainers greet outdoor enthusiasts at popular trailheads and talk with them about Leave No Trace and the special concerns about the area they're enjoying. The teams hand out free information and encourage visitors to practice Leave No Trace while on the trail.


Walk-by and Expo/Conference and Festival Programs - Individuals visit the Subaru/Leave No Trace Traveling Trainers at consumer trade shows, conferences, and festivals.  The Team sets up an information booth with free Leave No Trace educational materials, curriculum information, and information on the organization and program as a whole.  Dedicated training sessions can also be scheduled during this type of outreach.


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