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Learn more about the trainings, educational programs and outreach events provided by the Traveling Trainers, along with frequently asked questions.

NOTE: Due to work on the Leave No Trace in Every Park and Leave No Trace for Every Kid initiatives, the Subaru/Leave No Trace Traveling Trainers have very limited capacity for additional 2019 events. You are welcome to request a visit, yet please be aware that only approximately five percent of requests will result in team visits this year. 

While our Traveling Trainer Teams provide various kinds of training and outreach, they customize each presentation to the needs of their audience.  Please review our Traveling Trainer types of outreach and program descriptions to determine what type of program would best support your event and training needs. Provide as much information as possible when submitting your event request, including: Host organization information, audience and expected attendance, and whether the event is open to the public. 

Trainer Courses -  The Leave No Trace Trainer course is a two-day, interactive workshop conducted in an outdoor setting. Trainer Courses are fee-based. The minimum number of participants is 5; the maximum is 12. 


Awareness Workshops - An Awareness Workshop is any formal Leave No Trace presentation that is one-day or less in length. Participants receive introductory training in the skills and ethics of Leave No Trace. We require a minimum group size of 12 participants for Awareness Workshops. 


Outreach Events - The Traveling Teams set up their 10x10 booth display which will offer Leave No Trace education materials, interactive activities associated with the Leave No Trace Seven Principles, and information on how people can get more involved with Leave No Trace. This type of Leave No Trace outreach is ideal for visitor's centers, popular trailheads, festivals, races, expos, and other forward facing opportunities.


Submit Your Request HERE For A Visit From the Traveling Trainers