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Death Valley National Park 2019

Death Valley National Park, CA

While relatively remote and not in close proximity to major population centers, Death Valley National Park is still easily accessible and popular with a wide range of travelers from the US and abroad.  Outside of Alaska, Death Valley is the largest National Park in the US and 91% of it is designated Wilderness.  From a Wilderness and resource protection standpoint, off-highway vehicle (OHV) travel is prohibited within the park boundaries.  However, OHV use remains prevalent across much of the park’s sensitive desert ecosystems.  We are working with the National Park Service and other local stakeholders, including multiple OHV clubs, to address these impacts.


  • 19 National Park Staff Trained
  • 512 People Educated
  • 1 Educational Video Produced

The Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics can make a significant positive impact at Death Valley National Park by helping land managers develop their backcountry camping program, sharing educational messaging and signage, training rangers to effectively communicate Leave No Trace information, and providing our outside perspective on the complex issues facing Death Valley National Park.

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