Gold Standard Site

Acadia National Park

Bar Harbor, ME

Acadia benefits from Leave No Trace through better resource and social conditions on the ground. The park has success with social conditions on the carriage roads. Monitoring behavior suggests the park is close to the standards. Acadia also has increased visitor experience. When Leave No Trace is explained, people get it. Acadia also has better site management because Leave No Trace resonates with people when it is explained and the education program really helps.

Highlighted Facts

  • Acadia National Park’s partner, The Summit Stewards, educate visitors on Leave No Trace by positioning themselves at trailheads and frequently visited areas.
  • Acadia disseminates Leave No Trace education through signage, interpretative media, partnerships, videos, and educator courses.
  • The park strives to train as many people as possible through reduced master course rates.

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