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Bear Seeking Human Food Put Down in Oregon

Susy Alkaitis - July 6, 2019
A black bear looking at the camera in the woods

In June of 2019, a young black bear in Oregon had to be put down after becoming too comfortable with people who frequently fed and took selfies with it. According to CNN, wildlife officials “found the animal surrounded by a pile of trail mix and sunflower seeds that appeared to have been left behind intentionally by some passersby. The police concluded the bear had grown too habituated to human interaction, and could pose a threat to people’s safety, so they made the difficult decision to shoot and kill it.”

This bear learned to associate humans with food, exposing it to this dangerous and ultimately deadly situation. With the right Leave No Trace skills, like methods to store food and respect wildlife, this bear would still be alive.

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Your support is appreciated and will be put to vital use on providing Leave No Trace solutions that reduce risks to wildlife.

Thank you,
Susy Alkaitis
Leave No Trace Deputy Director

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