Meet the Subaru/Leave No Trace Traveling Trainers!


Jessie & Matt

Joe & Joe

Erin & Brice


The Subaru/Leave No Trace Traveling Trainers live and travel in their Subaru, offering free Leave No Trace training and outreach in communities across the country. They do all of this while sleeping outside over 250 nights a year! While these four teams of two people primarily have a regional focus, they travel outside of their region as dictated by the outreach schedule. See you out there!



Jessie Johnson and Matt Schneider - Eastern Region

Matt_Jes Shenandoah_0.jpg

Hailing from the southeast, Jessie and Matt have spent the past 15 years as camp directors, teachers, wilderness trip leaders, ropes course facilitators, writers, and adventurers, and are thrilled to spend the year on the road as Subaru/Leave No Trace Traveling Trainers. When they’re not teaching, you can find Jessie and Matt riding their mountain bikes, hiking, climbing, running, swimming, and cooking (and eating … a lot). In their years of enjoying nature together, they’ve seen the many ways that visitors can leave unintended impacts and are excited to share their love of sustainable outdoor recreation with new friends.


Joe Besl & Joe Creaghead - Western Region


Joe and Joe first met as summer camp staff members in Northern Kentucky, and have since carved out careers in communications, education, and the great outdoors. Joe B. is a guide and writer who's led multi-week bike tours and coordinated experiential education programs in state parks and museums. Joe C. has spent the best years of his career creating outdoor youth programming and in his free time is an avid hiker with his dog, Brett. They're amped to be spreading the word about Leave No Trace in each unique community they visit. Their favorite Joe is Joey Votto, 2010 National League MVP with the Cincinnati Reds and all around delightful guy.


Erin Collier & Brice Esplin - Eastern Region


Erin and Brice are on the road for their first year as Subaru/Leave No Trace Traveling Trainers. They are beyond excited to camp across the East, teach the values of Leave No Trace, and empower people with the skills to minimize their outdoor impact. Erin’s background in public land management and education has inspired her to spread the message of responsible recreation. Brice’s extensive communications and marketing experience have him thrilled to create engaging content that shares the principles of Leave No Trace with a wider audience. Together they bring with them a lifelong love of the outdoors and a passion for protecting it.