Activities & Games

Be Considerate of Others

Tell the group that while traveling along a trail, they will likely pass others hiking and or camping near the trail. Ask what things they can do to respect these other users. Also ask what else they might do to show respect for others if they were to pass individuals on horseback or on mountain bikes.

Have 1/3 of the group sit down on the trail and 1/3 move off the trail where an adjoining campsite is located. Have both groups be somewhat loud and rowdy. Have the remaining 1/3 pass along the trail where the group is sitting and near the campsite. Once this group has walked by those on the trail and observed the actions of those at the campsite, have the entire group meet at the campsite.

Have the participants who passed by those sitting in the middle of the trail and at the camp, express how they felt when they encountered these groups. Discuss what affect it had on their experience. Ask what they feel would improve their experience on the trail and at the campsite. Ask if the loud and rowdy behavior would have had any additional impacts on those using horses or mountain bikers along the trail.