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The Leave No Trace Bloggies: 4 Favorite Video Blogs from 2016

Mark Eller - January 24, 2017

Boulder, CO: Last year, the Subaru/Leave No Trace Traveling Trainers created more than 100 blog entries, in both written and video formats, on topics ranging from recreating in front-country parks to traveling in remote settings.

Recently, we asked them to nominate their favorite posts from 2016. The results are in, and the Trainers have donned elegant gowns and tuxedos as they await the chance to stroll the red carpet—a very durable surface, by the way—and accept their coveted Bloggies.

Best Blog Set in a National Park: The award goes to Andy and Steph for Acadia National Park Hot Spot, a compelling look at one of the nation’s most popular seaside national parks, and the Leave No Trace Hot Spots work that’s being used to address impacts from a high volume of recreational visits.

Best Use of Pyrotechnics in a Blog: Campfires are a cherished tradition, and with the right techniques they can be more enjoyable, sustainable and safer than a hastily built blaze. The Bloggie goes to Emy and Alex for Build a Better Campfire.

Best Blog for Gamers: The release of the smartphone-based exploration game Pokemon Go created a bit of a media sensation last summer. Many observers wondered if players wandering in the woods would lead to safety issues or negatively affect natural areas. Trainers Amanda and Greg claim this award with their Leave No Trace for Pokemon Go, an open-minded examination that helped gamers appreciate the considerations of playing in outdoor settings.

Best Blog for Bear Lovers: Ursine enthusiasts, and, really, anyone who ventures into bear county, applauded Donielle and Aaron’s Tech Tip: Use the Bear-muda Triangle to Stay Safe and Keep Bears Wild. Aside from the titular bear pun, everything about this one-minute, information-packed blog deserves a Bloggie. That’s a honey of a reward for these talented videographers.

Honestly, these are just four examples from a rich collection of work. Our thanks go to the academy, and of course to the viewers. Trainers, loosen those black ties and take off the high-heeled camp slippers—enjoy your Bloggies tonight, and keep creating more blockbusters for all of us to enjoy!



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