"PEAK is a tremendous program! Our volunteer team used it to present environmental awareness to a group of Cub Scouts. The activities were entirely appropriate and could be presented by volunteers with very little preparation or prior knowledge [of Leave No Trace]." - PEAK educator

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What is a PEAK Pack?

The PEAK Pack includes six fun activities designed to teach kids about Leave No Trace. Four addtional activities are provided separately. 

PEAK features colorful illustrated characters representing various pieces of outdoor gear that can help us Leave No Trace

PEAK is ideal for the elementary school age group. Each activity or "module" can be delivered in 30–60 minutes depending on group size, available time, etc. The modules come in durable plastic folders and all six conveniently fit into an expanding folder (the Pack) that can be used in the field or in a classroom setting.

Each module contains instructions on how to facilitate the activity as well as supporting materials. Also included in the PEAK Pack is a Start Card and an instructional DVD, which offer many helpful teaching tips and an overview of the Leave No Trace program.  All materials are available in Spanish


How can I get involved with the PEAK program?

Getting involved with PEAK is easy.  Here are three easy ways to make PEAK part of your outreach. 

Get started with a PEAK Pack now!!