Leave No Trace for Every Kid
Youth Education for the Outdoors

LEAVE NO TRACE FOR EVERY KID sets out to ensure that our natural world is left in able hands for generations to come through education programs for all kids who spend time outside. Learn about our approach to supporting youth and the programs that take them into the outdoors.

Youth Program Accreditation

Evaluation tools, standards and best practices for any youth program.

Grades 1-7

Leave No Trace is best taught outdoors, the most relevant backdrop to teach kids how to care for nature. Discovering the fun of spending time outdoors and learning about responsibility for the environment go hand in hand.

Grades 8-12

As teens begin to develop their identities and values, Leave No Trace has tools to teach outdoor ethics at this critical point in young peoples' lives.

Youth Educator Resources

We're dedicated to providing our network of educators and volunteers an innovative suite of education tools.