Trainer Course

Leave No Trace Trainer Course - BSA Camp 3 Falls, Frazer Park, CA

Upon completion of this two-day course, you will be a Leave No Trace Trainer and equipped with the tools for teaching Leave No Trace. You will also be given the tools to teach others about BSA Outdoor Ethics. 

Cost: $40, includes cabins, but must bring your own food, 

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How to Bring Leave No Trace to Your Community

Tucscon, AZ: We've been on the road for 10 months now, and often, folks just can't get enough of Leave No Trace. Once they see how effective Leave No Trace can be, they want Leave No Trace programming to come to their organization or local park. Ever wondered how to get Leave No Trace education into your community? Here are three ways to help share the Leave No Trace love: Bring in the Subaru/Leave No Trace Traveling Trainers Here at the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics, we have four teams of two that travel the country specifically teaching Leave No Trace...

Leave No Trace Trainer Course - Falley Scout Reservation, KS

The Leave No Trace Trainer Course is a shortened, weekend version of the 5-day Master Educator Course. It provides hands-on, experiential learning in an outdoor setting. Outdoor Ethics is second only to Safety/First Aid in Scouting's priority list; it is ranked as a higher priority than advancement in scouting. 

Cost: $3.00, closes April 15th, 2018.

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Leave No Trace Trainer Course - Camp Old Indian, Travelers Rest, SC

The Boy Scouts of America have always taught conservation, care of our environment & resources. This course will give participants the knowledge to teach Leave No Trace Principles as well as serving their units and districts as Leave No Trace Trainers and Outdoor Ethics Guides. As part of the curriculum, participants are required to lead a 15-minute presentation on a pre-assigned Leave No Trace Principle.

Leave No Trace Trainer Course - Camp Patiya, Boulder, CO

This is a BSA Leave No Trace Trainer course which covers the standard Leave No Trace Trainer course requirements plus topics specifically for Boy Scouts and other youth groups. Each participant will prepare and present a short (10 min) lesson. Topic assignments will be emailed before the course.

Who: Everyone (14 or older) who will be teaching Leave No Trace to others.

Course Fee: $35 (Includes over $30 of Leave No Trace materials, Saturday lunch and dinner, Sunday breakfast and lunch, council fee).

Leave No Trace Trainer Course - Loud Thunder Scout Camp, Illinois City, IL

This course covers the seven principles of Leave No Trace and is an essential part of the Outdoor Ethics concept within the Boy Scouts of America. After completion of this two day course participants become "LNT Trainers" and are qualified to conduct Awareness Seminars. The fee for this course is $40.00 and includes course materials, overnight camping, Friday night snack, and three meals on Saturday. Course is limited to 30 participants.

US Forest Service Trainer Course - Carson National Forest, NM

The Subaru/Leave No Trace Traveling Trainers will be leading a two-day in depth Trainer Course for Forest Service staff, partners, and volunteers with the Carson National Forest in New Mexico.

Friends of Acadia Trainer Course - Bar Harbor, ME

The Subaru/Leave No Trace Traveling Trainers will be leading a two-day in depth Trainer Course for staff and volunteers with Friends of Acadia. 

A Leave No Trace Trainer Course is a modified version of the five-day Leave No Trace Master Educator Course. Like Master Educator Courses, two-day Leave No Trace Trainer Courses emphasize skills and techniques essential to both teaching and practicing Leave No Trace.

Leave No Trace Trainer Course - Camp Lewis (BSA), Rockaway Township, NJ

Participants in this course will become a Leave No Trace and will be able to conduct Leave No Trace Awareness Workshops and Outdoor Ethics Orientation classes for scout and non-scout groups, assist with BSA Outdoor Ethics Awards and co-teach other Leave No Trace classes. A 10-15 minute presentation is required of each participant. Topics will be assigned before the weekend. 

Cost: $75 per person, nonrefundable (includes food, insurance, materials, cabin/camping, patch, pin, card, 6-month  membership to Leave No Trace. 

Leave No Trace Trainer Course - Yosemite National Park, CA

Learn how to leave a smaller footprint while enjoying the great outdoors. Leave No Trace teaches people of all ages how to enjoy the outdoors responsibly and ensure long-term health of our natural world. Join our resident naturalist - Yosemite's first Master Educator - for a one-night backpacking trip to Inspiration Point, above Yosemite Valley. As you hike and camp in a stunning setting, you'll get to learn, discuss and share Leave No Trace practices for trip planning, cooking, disposing of waste and more.