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Sustainable Tourism Newsletter: August 2023

Mark Eller - August 16, 2023

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Cleaner California Coast Launches Website and Resources

Sonoma, Marin, and Mendocino Counties are collaborating with Leave No Trace to present resources and a coordinated campaign to protect sensitive coastal resources. The innovative partnership offers web-based tools and guides for the benefit of coastal communities in California and elsewhere.


Overcoming Over Tourism in Natural Areas—More Visitors, More Problems?

Early reports on tourism activity in the summer of 2023 show a return to high visitation levels in many U.S. destinations. A new Leave No Trace blog investigates “over tourism” and the remedies that can help allieviate the impacts that natural areas encounter—also, look for a webinar this fall with more info on this important topic.

Blog: Overcoming Over Tourism

Nominations are Open for Leave No Trace Spotlights
Many popular outdoor areas are facing challenges, but with those challenges come people putting local stewardship into action. Leave No Trace wants to shine a spotlight on these challenges and the communities that are rising to meet them. Nominations are open until 9/15, and there are no fees for communities that receive a 3-day Spotlight visit.

Apply Online for a 2024 Spotlight Visit

In Case You Missed It

  • The Alaska Beacon recently published a feature story that examines stewarship initiatives in several states, including Alaska, Colorado, and Pennsylvania.
  • Check out the strong messaging from Leave No Trace partner Friends of Lake County in central Colorado.
  • We’re proud to report that Leave No Trace has earned a top-tier four-star rating from Charity Navigator for financial transparency, workplace culture, and leadership.
  • Thousands have already completed the Leave No Trace 101 online course—we hope you’ll take advantage of this free online training.


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