New Hampshire

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New Hampshire State Advocate

Since I was a child growing up in New Hampshire, the outdoors has always been a place of fun, beauty and relaxation. I have been incredibly fortunate to experience so many wonders and great times in my home state. My purpose for being involved with Leave No Trace as a Master Educator for 11 years and now as the State Advocate is to inform others how our actions have a cumulative environmental and social impact. My desire is for every person, young and old, to have the same opportunity to experience the same wonders and experiences as I have both today and for future generations.

So what do the Leave No Trace guidelines or the mission of reducing our cumulative impact mean to you? Contact me whether it’s an individual question or action or if your organization would like to learn more about how the Center can enhance your efforts to preserve our natural world. Let’s work together to be good stewards!

“Take Care of Yourself, Take Care of Each Other and Take Care of this Place!”

Let’s protect and enjoy our natural world together

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