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Illinois State Advocate

Sydney Pogue & Prasad Gadgil

Sydney Pogue

My name is Sydney Pogue, and I am the Outdoor Education Program Coordinator at Touch of Nature in Makanda, IL. In my free time I enjoy spending time outside playing with my dog, running, and baking. As a Leave No Trace state advocate, my goal is to promote outdoor ethics and raise awareness about the impact of human activities in ecological environments. Illinois faces numerous environmental challenges, such as water pollution, deforestation, and wildlife habitat loss. As outdoor enthusiasts, we must take responsibility for our actions and minimize our impact on the environment. I am urging people to get involved by volunteering for local conservation organizations, participating in clean-up events and volunteer days, and educating others about Leave No Trace. Together, we can protect our natural resources and ensure their preservation for future generations. Contact me to get involved today!

Please contact Sydney at [email protected].

Prasad Gadgil

Prasad Gadgil is the founder of Midwest Outdoor Skills Training and currently lives in Chicago, IL. As an experienced outdoor educator, guide, and leader with over 15 years of hands-on experience in experiential education, I have led trips in the Himalaya, Alaska, the Pacific Northwest, and Wyoming. I am a senior faculty at NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School) expeditions and NOLS Wilderness Medicine, as well as a member of the Wilderness Medical Society (WMS). I  am excited to be an advocate for the state of IL and spread awareness about Leave No Trace principles. Reach out to me to get involved!

Please contact Prasad at [email protected].

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