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Micah Leinbach

Colorado State Advocate

Micah Leinbach is an outdoor educator based out of Denver, but often found roving the front range (or looking for excuses to get into other parts of the state) via the organization for his organization, the Boat for Outdoor Access & Teaching (BOAT). He is focused on bringing Leave No Trace trainings and exposure to the many citizens of our state by setting up at fairs, festivals, farmers markets, and other public events. He’s also always enthusiastic to run a formal Leave No Trace training for any organization whose team is doing this education statewide! 

There are lots of ways to get involved with Leave No Trace in Colorado! If you’d like to do an event with us, or let the community know about an event that is happening, please complete this form and we’ll distribute your event to our network of volunteers to support. Are you a master educator new to the state? Join our Master Educator network here. You can also contact us for trainings, workshops, talks, and more.

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