So You’re Coming to Boulder for the Buffs Game? Here's How You Can Leave No Trace at Your Tailgate

It’s no secret that bringing Coach Prime to the University of Colorado Boulder has made the Buffalos one of the most popular teams of the season. Deion Sanders, AKA Coach Prime, was previously the head coach for Jackson State University, one of the premier HBCU football programs in the U.S., before transitioning to the Head Coach of the University of Colorado this year. The Buff’s upset against TCU in the first game of the season marked a turning point in the team’s reputation, already matching their record of only one win the previous year. 

Coach Prime’s signature swagger and inspirational attitude have made the Buffs the team to watch, and fans have flooded to Boulder to show support. Visit Boulder, the Convention and Visitors Bureau estimates the first home game of the season brought in $18 million in local revenue. CBS Sports Colorado also estimates there were 53,000 fans in attendance, the largest crowd the team has seen in 15 years. 

The support for CU’s Football team is especially exciting as Boulder is the headquarters for Leave No Trace, and the team is playing in the organization’s backyard. That being said, we have a couple of tips on how you can practice Leave No Trace on game day, from your backyard barbeque to tailgating at the stadium. 

  1. Consider carpooling to the game or taking the bus up to the stadium. A passenger vehicle emits 4.6 metric tons of CO2 each year, so reduce your impact by sharing a ride with others! (Plus, it can make parking easier and cheaper). 
  2. Bring reusable cups and utensils. Global plastic waste is an estimated 460 million metric tons. Consider bringing cups you can easily wash and reuse and silverware you can pack up instead of throwing out. 
  3. Make sure to sort all trash and recycling in the proper receptacles. The sad reality is only 9% of the world’s recycling is properly recycled, and when the wrong items are put in a receptacle, the whole bin has to be thrown away. If you are not sure if something can be recycled, check online. 
  4. Shop Locally. If you’re picking up food, consider shopping locally to support small businesses and reduce the environmental impact of your meal. 

Lastly, remember to rub the Ralphie statue’s horns for good luck before the game and sko’buffs!