Why Partner?

For over 25 years, Leave No Trace has been teaching and inspiring people to enjoy the outdoors responsibly. By providing best practices to those who spend time on our nation’s public lands, Leave No Trace plays a critical role in conserving our natural environment and protecting our outdoor experiences whether enjoyed in wilderness, open space, urban and remote trails, or coastal landscapes. Tourism partnerships work to develop initiatives that improve the conditions of local and state land and water resources by providing vital Leave No Trace education and programs for residents and visitors alike.

Incorporated into these partnerships are:

Customized Partnership Programs

Tourism partnerships are customized to fit the needs of specific entities Leave No Trace efforts. All partnerships include programming designed to help your organization produce strong Leave No Trace messages for your state, region or city.

Effective Messaging

For the last 25 years, Leave No Trace has been the most widely recognized stewardship education program on federal, state, and county lands in the United States. Tourism partnerships use the Center’s messaging to ensure that all travelers—residents and visitors alike—are well equipped to take action to protect land and water resources. The Center’s staff helps partners produce location-specific campaigns that incorporate core Leave No Trace assets.

The Local Voice

A tourism partnership enables your organization to take the Center’s widely used messaging and shape it to fit the voice of your state or community. This universally accepted messaging enhanced with the local tone works to ensure that visitors and residents alike protect the health and integrity of the lands and waters visitors travel to your community to recreate on.

Community Building

Partnerships include the development of an alliance program that works to bring various tourism and recreation stakeholders together to promote a unified message of responsible tourism.


Leave No Trace works hard to provide tangible return on your investment in the program. These important partnerships provide programming that results in the lasting protection of land and water resources across the country.


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