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Minimize Campfire Impacts

Share this scenario with your group. Imagine you are camping in the mountains. The air is a bit chilly as your group begins preparation for the evening meal. You plan to build a fire to cook hot-dogs and heat up cans of chili. The fire will also take the chill out of the night air. As you begin to pile sticks inside the fire ring, a ranger approaches your group and informs you that there is a ban on fires due to dry weather. You will not be able to build a fire.


  • How will your group solve this problem?
  • What will you do about dinner?
  • How will you deal with the chilly air?
  • How will not having a fire change your night time activities?

It is recommended that all visitors to natural areas minimize their use of fires, even when there is not a fire ban. Create a plan for your next outing which does not include fires. You may wish to discuss different types of food, food repackaging, and the value of using lightweight foods instead of canned goods. Discuss the value of contacting land managers to learn about local regulations. Refer to the Back ground Information for details to assist your decision.