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New Subaru/Leave No Trace Zero Landfill Team Hit the Road

Susy Alkaitis - July 12, 2018

Boulder, CO: The National Park Service was founded over a century ago to preserve and share with future generations our historic, cultural, natural and scenic treasures that embody our American legacy. As national parks continue into their second century, Leave No Trace partnered with Subaru of America, The North Face, and the National Parks Conservation Association to significantly reduce visitor-generated waste at our national parks – starting with three pilot parks: Denali, Grand Teton and Yosemite.

This collective effort birthed a new Traveling Trainer Team. The Subaru/Leave No Trace Zero Landfill Team is on the road for four months this summer visiting each of the local communities that surround the three parks.  Equipped with knowledge and teaching tools the Zero Landfill Team will reach park visitors in person at local events, popular trail heads, and even float in a parade or two.

Collectively, these three iconic parks welcomed nearly 8.3 million visitors in 2017, who left behind nearly 9 million pounds of waste that could otherwise be recycled or composted. Together, we are working to better educate and engage visitors about the amount of waste in our national parks and what they can do to help.

So what can you do? Park visitors can play a big role in reducing park waste and should follow these simple steps when planning your park trip. Know before you go and:

  1. Plan Ahead and Prepare – think about what you bring into the parks. Check to see if it can be recycled or composted in the park you are visiting.
  2. Opt for Online when/where you can —try smartphone apps to help navigate your way around the park, when/where access is available.
  3. Mug for the Parks – bring a reusable coffee mug or buy one from the souvenir shop to help reduce waste at parks.
  4. Bring Your Own Water Bottle – bring a refillable water bottle or buy one at the souvenir shop while taking advantage of convenient water refilling stations located around the parks.
  5. Choose Reusable Bags — bring your own reusable bag or tote for your supplies and souvenir items to help eliminate plastic bag waste.


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