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Looking Back on 2018—What Matters Most to You?

Susy Alkaitis - December 13, 2018

Every Leave-No-Tracer should be aware of these exciting developments from 2018. Let us know which one means the most to you so that we can do the best job possible delivering information that is important to you. Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Research Reveals 30 Minutes of Leave No Trace Training Increases Kids Connection to Nature
A study conducted by the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics has shown that just a 30-minute lesson on how to be responsible outdoors, in line with Leave No Trace ethics, helped change kids’ sense of connection to nature and likelihood to leave behind objects they found while outside.

Leave No Trace Launches Citizen Science Monitoring Program
Leave No Trace conducted a successful summer-long Citizen Science pilot program. The aim of the program is to inspire communities to share information about resource impacts with land managers and find partnership solutions. Citizen science also offers opportunities for the Center to support the goals of STEM and STEAM education.

New Social Media Guidance
Recognizing that social media plays a role in the promotion of various outdoor destinations, and in some cases has led to significant resource and social impacts, Leave No Trace developed four recommendations to be considered when posting to social media about the outdoors.

Zero Landfill Initiative Team Wraps Up Outreach at Three National Parks
Our parks welcome more than 300 million visitors annually, who leave behind 70 million pounds of waste that could otherwise be recycled or composted. Leave No Trace partnered with the National Park Service, Subaru of America Inc., the National Parks Conservation Association and The North Face to significantly reduce visitor-generated waste through the Zero Landfill Initiative.

3 Tips for Protecting Sea Turtles
Leaver No Trace practices are relevant for anyone who spends time outside: from beachgoers to mountain climbers and everything in between. In this blog, readers learn three easy ways to help save sea turtles—just one example of the types of practical advice you’ll find in Leave No Trace blogs.

Another Leave No Trace Hot Spot Success
Hot Spots are areas that are being loved to death, but that can thrive again with Leave No Trace solutions. Through a unique blend of education, service projects, follow-up programs and more the Blue Lakes Hot Spot—one of 94 Hot Spots to date—is on the road to a healthy and sustainable recovery with site-specific Leave No Trace tools in place.

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