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Leave No Trace Launches New Spotlight Program

Brice - September 20, 2022

We believe communities are the solution to conservation issues. When we come together, we can create a sustainable future for our favorite outdoor areas. 

In 2023, Leave No Trace will launch the brand new Spotlight program to do just that. 

“Leave No Trace is excited to launch this new program designed to both showcase important on-the-ground work happening across the country, as well connect more Leave No Trace champions to local conservation efforts, and provide more communities with support as they tackle challenges facing their outdoor areas,” Dana Watts, Executive Director of the Leave No Trace organization.

Spotlight programs will take place all over the country, with each site receiving a three day activation to bring attention to community conservation, to spread education, and to build momentum and inspire involvement for the future. 

Each Spotlight will have an opportunity for you, our Leave No Trace champions, to get involved, to learn more about local organizations, and to become part of the solution. For each chosen site, Leave No Trace will host a local stewardship project, aimed at reducing visitor-created impacts and rehabilitating outdoor areas, plus education and training to build a community of Leave No Trace and a future-forward final meeting to keep the momentum going into the work ahead.

“Centered around stewardship, with trainings and community outreach events led by expert Subaru/Leave No Trace Traveling Teams, the intended outcome for every Leave No Trace Spotlight is to strengthen stewardship efforts and partnerships by empowering stakeholders, land managers, volunteers, and outdoor enthusiasts through Leave No Trace education to ensure a sustainable recreation future for all,” said Watts.

It takes all of us to protect our outdoor spaces. We hope that you will join us in this new effort.

Learn more about Spotlights and nominate an area for 2023 programming.

Let’s protect and enjoy our natural world together

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