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The Center actively works with businesses and organizations, whether directly involved in the outdoors or not, that hold conservation, education and community as core values. We work with entities in various sectors to develop partnerships that both, drive the Leave No Trace Center’s mission, as well as speak to the business' or organization’s principles and priorities. International partners are welcome to join this program.

With over 11 billion days of outdoor use in the United States last year, and 1.6 billion outdoor visits so far this year, the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics needs your help to step up our educational reach. Businesses and organizations around the country can play a significant role in the conservation of our natural resources, and are vital mouthpieces in the spread of Leave No Trace education.

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Join or renew your annual partnership to help support Leave No Trace educational efforts.


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The Benefits of Partnership

Your partnership with the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics aligns you with:

  • Our brand - The Leave No Trace logo, recognized worldwide as the symbol of responsible enjoyment of the outdoors.
  • Our reputation - Leave No Trace is the most widely accepted outdoor ethics program in the world.
  • Our history - The worldwide Leave No Trace program is now being taught to the third generation of outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Our position - Leave No Trace is the ONLY outdoor ethics program used on public lands and waterways; from national parks and state parks, to all federal lands and local recreation sites.
  • Our volunteers - In the last year itself, our volunteers taught more than 98,500 people, crucial Leave No Trace skills and ethics.
  • Our constituents - Through members, partners and social media alone, the Center has over 85,000 active followers.
  • Our programs - The Center’s extensive curriculum of Leave No Trace skills and ethics is tailored towards children as well as adults, and encompasses nearly every type of outdoor recreation and ecosystem.
  • Our partners - More than 500 businesses, organizations, schools and youth serving groups, all of whom deeply care about conservation, have forged active partnerships with the Leave No Trace Center.
  • Our future - With the number of outdoor visits in the billions each year, the Center needs your voice to equip more outdoor enthusiasts with Leave No Trace skills and ethics. As a partner, your business or organization will help Leave No Trace protect our precious outdoor places.

For a detailed list of partnership benefits, click here As a partner you:

  • Have exclusive use of the Leave No Trace logo, which is recognized worldwide as the symbol of responsible enjoyment of the outdoors. 
  • Demonstrate and solidify your business or organization's role as an active steward of the outdoors.
  • Provide your constituents and customers with relevant Leave No Trace education and tools for enjoying the outdoors responsibly.
  • Support your education and marketing goals by leveraging your partnership with the country’s only organization providing comprehensive, environmentally-based education to millions who enjoy our finite outdoor resources each year.