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First Tourism Partner In Florida Launches New Stewardship Storytelling Project

Andrew Leary - May 4, 2023

BRADENTON, FL (May 4, 2023) – The Bradenton Area Convention & Visitors Bureau (BACVB) is taking their Love It Like a Local sustainable travel initiative to the next level by announcing an official partnership with Leave No Trace, becoming the first destination in the state of Florida to do so.

Leave No Trace is an international non-profit organization that using the power of science, education and stewardship to ensure a sustainable future for the outdoors and the planet.

“With our Love it Like a Local campaign, we set out to educate visitors to the Bradenton Area of simple actions they can take to leave less of a footprint. Through partnering with Leave No Trace, it gives us the opportunity to take our commitment to sustainable travel from a campaign to an integral part of who we are as a travel destination,” said the executive director of the Bradenton Area Convention & Visitors Bureau, Elliott Falcione. “I urge our community to join us in working together to showcase this incredibly important message that will ultimately enhance the quality of life for our residents.”

The collaboration, which kicked off in early November of 2022, was announced during the BACVB’s celebration of National Travel and Tourism Week luncheon held at the historic Powel Crosley Estate. There, the CVB team showed local tourism and hospitality industry representatives a brand new video produced by the Matador Network. The video showcases local perspectives who illustrate how Bradenton Area residents “love it like a local” by embracing many of Leave No Trace’s principles which include Plan Ahead and Prepare, Travel On Durable Surfaces, Dispose of Waste Properly, Leave What You Find, Minimizing Campfire Impacts, Respect Wildlife and Be Considerate of Other Visitors.

“It is incredibly important to engage travelers in the practical ways that responsible visitation makes a difference to a community and its natural spaces,” said Dana Watts, executive director of Leave No Trace. “The Bradenton storytelling project that has been in development since last November includes that crucial component that personifies these practices authentically through the voice and perspective of local residents.”

The BACVB’s Love It Like a Local campaign encourages visitors to respect our community while visiting by providing helpful tips for keeping our beaches and waterways clean, conserving energy, protecting wildlife, and supporting local businesses. The new video highlights how Love It Like a Local aligns with Leave No Trace’s principles for responsible visitation and outdoor stewardship.

Let’s protect and enjoy our natural world together

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