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Leave No Trace Awareness Workshop — The Nature Conservancy

Photo credit: © Ian Shrive

Learn the 7 principles of Leave No Trace during this Awareness Workshop! Participants will learn how to hike, camp, and explore outside in a way that leaves a minimal impact on the environment. This training will also touch on the City Nature Challenge and how to participate while leaving no trace. The workshop takes place on April 22nd from 6pm-7pm EST. Participants can register using the link here.

The Nature Conservancy in Virginia is dedicated to the conservation of lands and waters on which all life depends. One of the ways we can achieve this goal is to get people engaged with nature, which is why The Nature Conservancy is hosting the City Nature Challenge in the Charlottesville area April 30- May 3, 2021.

The City Nature Challenge is a citizen-science bioblitz that takes place in cities throughout the world. Participants use the iNaturalist app and website (both free) to keep track of the plants and animals they see throughout the city. The data is made available for cities to use to inform decisions and aid with sustainable planning.

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