Hot Spot

Target Rock National Wildlife Refuge 2018

Lloyd Harbor, NY

The Target Rock National Wildlife Refuge is located on the north shore of Long Island just 20 minutes from New York City. The 80-acre refuge serves as a beautiful oasis amongst the suburban landscape. It is home to one of the few public access fishing areas available to New York City residents, attracting large numbers of fisherman its small, half-mile stretch of rocky beach. The refuge is also visited by many families who come to picnic on the beach or hike the forested trails. High levels of this use has caused increased levels of litter, graffiti, and impacts associated with angling.


  • 100 Volunteer Hours
  • 100 People Educated
  • 200 Pounds of Trash Removed

Leave No Trace teamed up with Target Rock National Wildlife Refuge staff and local partner businesses and organizations to implement Leave No Trace strategies for mitigating the recreation-related impacts at the refuge. The Leave No Trace staff hosted two workshops focused on helping participants effectively communicate minimum impact practices with visitors to the refuge. The technique they practiced during these workshops helps visitors understand why certain behaviors can have a negative impact on the social and ecological resources at the refuge. Not only did these workshops help share this invaluable technique with staff and volunteers who are interacting with the public, but it also helped showcase the Hot Spot efforts and the importance of Leave No Trace to refuge partner groups.

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