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Community Partner Spotlight: Clean Vibes

Faith Overall - June 9, 2022

Leave No Trace goes beyond the backcountry and even beyond state and local park trails, to anywhere we enjoy spending time outdoors. One way millions of people each year enjoy these spaces is at festivals and outdoor events. Clean Vibes, a proud Leave No Trace Community Partner, is a North Carolina based company dedicated to responsible on-site waste management of outdoor festivals and events across the US. This company works to divert as much event waste as possible away from landfills and increase the amount that is recycled or composted. Their efforts help to inspire festival goers to be good stewards while also reducing the ecological footprints of these large scale events.

Clean Vibes works to create a clean vibe at every event they work. This means staff and volunteers strive to show event goers that they care about the planet as well as outdoor spaces these events are hosted in. In showing concertgoers how easy it is to minimize their waste footprint through recycling and composting, The company hopes it will help these newly inspired stewards take that knowledge and apply it to their daily lives.

We got the chance to speak to Clean Vibes and learn more about their efforts in Leave No Trace and waste reduction.

What are some of the biggest accomplishments of your organization that you are excited about or proud of? 

In the 23 years that Clean Vibes has been in business, we have diverted over 22 million pounds of trash out of the landfill. We have also provided paid and volunteer opportunities for over 10,000 people over the years – teaching them about waste diversion and proper waste disposal while picking up LOTS and LOTS of litter!

What made you want to join as a Leave No Trace partner? 

We thought it would be a positive partnership since we share the same values in service for the Earth and a love for picking up litter.

How does Leave No Trace add to the well being of your organization?

We hope that this partnership will help us spreads the word to other litter picking loving folks about the volunteer opportunities we have at events across the country so they too can play a role in leaving event sites cleaner than they found them.

What are some specific ways your business is incorporating Leave No Trace into your work? 

Our goal is to Leave No Trace at every event site we work at, including large music festivals like Bonnaroo and Ultra. We also educate our staff, volunteers and the public about the importance of practicing Leave No Trace in every outdoor setting, including festivals.

What do you value most about your partnership with Leave No Trace? 

Knowing that we are working together to build a brighter, less waste filled future!

Click here to learn about Clean Vibes and how you can get involved with their volunteer efforts.


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