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Can’t Burn This…

Guest - April 5, 2011

San Luis Obispo, CA
Walking down the beaches of San Luis Obispo County, one can't deny the beauty that surrounds them. With the clear blue-greens of the ocean dancing and flirting with the rays of sunshine, the sweet salty air lifts your spirits, and the lush rolling hills surround you with peace. We love spending time in the mountains, but being at the ocean evokes many memories of our childhood growing up in New England.

Another fond memory we have about the beach is spending evening around a campfire as you listen to the waves crash on the shore. Unfortunately we have all seen beach fires that are entirely too large and potentially dangerous, often resulting in half-burned logs and trash left on the beach in the morning. The large log, or maybe we could call it a tree, in the photo below, is a prime example of the importance of practicing Leave No Trace and minimizing campfire impacts where ever you are. Sometimes, you just can't burn this…

Explore Responsibly…Kate & Tracy

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