What are 5 simple things that every outdoor enthusiast could do that would help to minimize their overall impact on areas they visit?

1. Properly deal with human waste in the out-of-doors. Check local regulations to make sure that proper protocol is followed (catholes, pack out, etc.). Human waste can be a significant impact and should be dealt with appropriately.
2. Properly store food and trash from wildlife. The saying “a fed bear is a dead bear” is a good mantra but remember that smaller animals can be just as impacted by obtaining and developing a taste for human foods. Check local regulations to see what food/trash storage is preferred – bear canisters, bear bags, etc.
3. Minimize campfire impacts. There are many areas where campfires are both allowed and appropriate. However, there are some areas where fires aren’t allowed or just aren’t responsible. Be prepared with alternative means for cooking, light and warmth.
4. Respect wildlife and observe from a distance. It’s a treat to see wildlife (big or small) function in a normal, natural way. Outdoor enthusiast should do everything they can to ensure that wildlife isn’t unduly impacted.
5. Be mindful of other people that may be visiting the same areas because we’re all enjoying a finite resource. Be conscientious of how certain actions may negatively impact someone else’s outdoor experience.
Remember the Golden Rule – do unto others...