Why 'Leave No Trace'?

Nine out of ten people who visit the outdoors are uninformed about Leave No Trace or the importance of minimizing their impacts. With over 13 billion trips into the outdoors in the U.S. alone every year, people are causing significant preventable damage, and that damage is adding up. Leave No Trace is on the forefront of changing this troubling trend—the littered parks and damaged trails, the formidable impacts of fire, polluted waterways, damage to historic artifacts and serious wildlife issues.

Consider the facts:

  • Americans pay $2.1B to fight fires in parks and forests, almost 90% of which are caused by humans.
  • Wildlife in our parks are routinely relocated or euthanized due to conflicts with humans. The National Park Service cites human garbage as the origin of many of these unfortunate and unnecessary conflicts.
  • Grand Canyon National Park, alone, has $11M in trail maintenance needs, and more than $5M in critical trail work is needed at Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

The Leave No Trace organization is built upon the belief that if people do something, even something simple, to help take care of the outdoors that they cherish, we will all benefit as does the outdoors. Leave No Trace is a universal philosophy that can be part of any outdoor experience. The very nature of Leave No Trace lends itself well to fostering a cooperative spirit of stewardship.

How can you really Leave No Trace?

It’s impossible to leave absolutely no trace of your visit to the outdoors. However, we have set the bar high in terms of our values and outdoor ethics. Leave No Trace is not intended to be taken literally. Rather, it is a philosophy that guides us while we enjoy any outdoor pursuit. If all who enjoy the outdoors were to do what they could to minimize the unavoidable impacts (trampling, erosion, etc.) and prevent the avoidable impacts (properly dealing with human waste, properly storing food and trash from animals, sticking to durable ground, keeping human and other waste out of water sources, etc.) it would go a long way towards protecting the places we enjoy from recreational impacts. We view Leave No Trace as a spectrum – on one end there are many impacts, on the other end there are few. We encourage people to figure out where they fit into the spectrum – where they’re comfortable – and to do what they can to minimize their individual impacts. The primary goal of Leave No Trace is to prevent the avoidable impacts and to minimize the unavoidable impacts. By doing so we can protect and preserve both natural resources and the quality of recreational experiences. This can also minimize the need for restrictive management activities by land managers. We truly believe that if everyone did something, even something small, to minimize his or her impact on the out-of-doors, the result would be profound and lasting.

I want to use the Leave No Trace logo. Where do I get it and how can it be used?

Please reference Leave No Trace’s Brand Standards Guide to learn how the Leave No Trace logo, Seven Principles and other texts can be used.

How do I start a Leave No Trace program in my country?

Why doesn't Leave No Trace engage in lobbying or many activism-based activities?

Leave No Trace is an all-inclusive organization whose focus is education. The Leave No Trace organization remains neutral on most political issues in order to remain all-inclusive and true to our mission of education.

Where does your funding come from?

Leave No Trace is funded by a wide variety of sources, from individual members to companies in the outdoor industry. We’re constantly diversifying our funding base, ensuring that there are multiple options to donate and support the organization, including partnership, purchasing educational materials, course tuition, individual membership, grants and events.

Do you accept guest blogs?

No, not at this time.

How can I get involved with Leave No Trace in my state?

Contact your State Advocate or complete this volunteer registry to learn more about how you can support Leave No Trace efforts in your state.

Who can I contact to run a Leave No Trace training or represent Leave No Trace at my event?

For these types of requests, contact your State Advocate or request one of our Subaru/Leave No Trace Teams.

I am looking to run a Level 1 Instructor Course or Workshop. Where do I start?

What's the difference between becoming a member of Leave No Trace and making a donation?

Les dons et les adhésions apportent un soutien direct aux solutions Leave No Trace qui placent les activités de plein air sur la voie d'un avenir sain et durable. En outre, les membres de Leave No Trace bénéficient d'avantages et de cadeaux exclusifs tels que des réductions sur des centaines de marques de plein air, un t-shirt de membre lorsque vous donnez 50 $ ou plus, 10 % de réduction sur le matériel éducatif Leave No Trace et bien plus encore. La liste complète des avantages offerts aux membres est disponible ici.

What does my Leave No Trace membership support?

Pour chaque dollar versé à Leave No Trace, 0,83 dollar est directement affecté à la mise en place de programmes d'éducation et de formation de pointe, fondés sur la recherche, destinés aux personnes évoluant dans tous les environnements de plein air. Le reste est consacré à l'administration générale et à la collecte de fonds afin de garantir que les ressources sont toujours disponibles pour soutenir la mission de Leave No Trace.

How much does a membership to Leave No Trace cost?

Les adhésions commencent à partir de 25 dollars et plusieurs autres options sont disponibles pour soutenir la mission.

How long does a Leave No Trace membership last?

Il existe deux types d'adhésion : l'adhésion annuelle et l'adhésion mensuelle.

L'adhésion annuelle prend effet à la date de votre contribution et expire un an après celle-ci.

Les abonnements mensuels sont valables jusqu'à ce que le membre les annule, ce qu'il peut faire à tout moment en contactant [email protected].

Does my Leave No Trace membership renew automatically?

Il existe deux types d'adhésion : l'adhésion annuelle et l'adhésion mensuelle.

Les adhésions annuelles peuvent être renouvelées automatiquement le jour de l'adhésion. Pour ce faire, cochez la case "Veuillez renouveler mon adhésion automatiquement" lorsque vous remplissez le formulaire d'adhésion en ligne. Les adhésions annuelles peuvent également être renouvelées manuellement sur notre site web, par téléphone ou par courrier. Si vous choisissez de renouveler manuellement votre adhésion, les notifications de renouvellement sont envoyées par courrier et par courriel deux mois avant la date d'expiration de votre adhésion, à moins que vous ne vous désinscriviez ou que vous ne choisissiez de ne plus recevoir de courriers.

Monthly memberships are reoccurring contributions that are automatically charged to your credit card every month on the day of the month that you sign up. For example, if you sign up on July 6th your card will be charged on the 6th of every month until you cancel.

Why should I become a Leave No Trace monthly member?

En devenant membre mensuel, vous vous assurez que des ressources sont toujours disponibles pour vous aider. C'est également l'une des façons les plus simples et les plus pratiques de faire un don, car il n'est pas nécessaire de se rappeler de renouveler son adhésion chaque année. Cela signifie moins de stress en décembre ! De plus, vous pouvez annuler votre adhésion à tout moment.

How do I cancel my Leave No Trace monthly membership or annual recurring membership?

Les abonnements mensuels et les abonnements annuels à renouvellement automatique peuvent être annulés à tout moment en envoyant un courriel à [email protected] ou en appelant le 303-442-8222, poste 105.

How do I update the credit card information associated with my monthly membership or annual recurring membership?

Vous pouvez mettre à jour les informations relatives à votre carte de crédit à tout moment en appelant le 303-442-8222, poste 105.

What are the benefits of membership to Leave No Trace?

L'adhésion à Leave No Trace s'accompagne d'une série d'avantages, allant d'offres sur vos marques de plein air préférées à un abonnement aux courriels de Leave No Trace. De plus, vous recevrez des articles exclusifs de Leave No Trace et un cadeau spécial lorsque vous donnez 50 $ ou plus. La liste complète des avantages offerts aux membres est disponible ici.

How do I access my Leave No Trace member benefits?

Si vous êtes déjà membre, vous pouvez accéder à vos avantages en visitant la page Ressources pour les membres. Vous aurez besoin du mot de passe qui vous a été envoyé par courrier électronique lorsque vous avez adhéré ou renouvelé votre adhésion. Si vous avez des difficultés à vous connecter, contactez [email protected].

Is my gift to Leave No Trace tax-deductible?

Oui, votre don - qu'il s'agisse d'une adhésion ou d'une donation - est déductible des impôts dans toute la mesure permise par la loi, déduction faite des cadeaux ou services que vous recevez en échange.

What is Leave No Trace's EIN number?

Leave No Trace is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization (EIN # 84-1303335).

What does Leave No Trace do with my data?

Leave No Trace respects the privacy of our donors. We invite you to review our donor privacy statement here.

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