Does the Center have programs for kids and teens?

Yes. In 2001 the Center, in partnership with REI, created a youth curriculum called PEAK (Promoting Environmental Awareness in Kids). The program comes in a “PEAK Pack” or packet of activities used to introduce kids the to Leave No Trace principles. The activities, which are best for the elementary school age group, can each be facilitated in 20-45 minutes. The activities are a great pre-trip lesson for an outdoor program, can be done in the field or in a classroom setting.

A standard PEAK Pack has six activities plus an instructional guide and instructional DVD. Additional activities are available. A Teen Program has also been created to introduce older youth to the Leave No Trace program. The Teen Program comes in a pack similar to PEAK and contains four activities plus instructional information. Additional activities are available. For more information about either program, visit the PEAK and Teen pages on our website.

To get involved with either program you can:

Purchase a PEAK Pack ($49.95) or Teen Pack ($24.95)
Borrow a PEAK or Teen pack at the cost of shipping (to and from)
Apply for a Packing with PEAK or Tools for Teaching grant online