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Scientist Bios: Sarah Newman

About Sarah:

Sarah Newman is the Director of Operations for CitSci at Colorado State University’s Natural Resource Ecology Lab. CitSci is an international participatory science platform serving 1200+ projects and over 15,000 people, monitoring bald eagles, testing new perennial crops, tracking stream quality, and so much more.  


Sarah’s work centers on the intersection of projects where people, science, and natural resources intersect. She enjoys digging into the difficult questions and issues of our time and looking for new solutions to age-old questions. Sarah works with with Erin Collier at Leave No Trace to expand engagement in the #LeaveNoTrash project to college campuses. She also works on the Leave No Trace and Bureau of Land Management partnership to reduce the frequency and effects of illegal dump sites and trash on public lands. 


Sarah has a M.S. in Biological Sciences from Florida State University and B.S. degrees in Biology and Wildlife Management from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. Her graduate work focused on mapping and modeling invasive plants in Florida. 


“No one likes to see trash in their community. It’s easy to look past it and think of it as someone else’s problem. Leave No Trace people are different. They recognize the problem and they take the time to think about solutions that work for the people affected. They include communities in problem-solving. In my experience, including communities in the work leads to effective projects and meaningful results.” 


  • Sarah Newman