Use Social Media to Educate Not Degrade

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In 2020, a study showed that 80% of BIPOC voices said that social media is able to highlight important issues that may not get a lot of attention, 78% said that social media helps give a voice to underrepresented voices.

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What Does This Mean?

Did you know your daily use of social media can be used as a tool to inspire positive change in others? No matter how narrow or broad your online presence is, consider the impact of your posts. A picture is worth a thousand words, and social media has proven to be a powerful tool in promoting sustainability and stewardship education. 


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What Can You Do Right Now?


Before posting, consider using a three-step process to assess your online presence and message:

  1. Assess – What does my post not-explicitly convey? Is there a chance that others could misinterpret my images/language, and how does my online presence play a role in promoting stewardship practices?
  2. Educate – Is there an opportunity to include helpful tips and information around stewardship practices that are both accessible and encouraging to a wider audience in my post?
  3. Acknowledge – Should my post include an indigenous land acknowledgement? If so, use this formatting:
    • Include a “pin” symbol on all posts. Write “Traditional lands of ______ (and in parentheses put the current location name)” when the location of the image is known.



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