Unity Blaze

Get your own Unity Blaze Patch and fund outdoor education today.


“Together, we are changing the world as we commit to treating everyone, everywhere, equally.”

 – Earl B Hunter Jr. | Black Folks Camp Too Founder

A close up of a man's palms, together and face up, holding a patch called the Unity Blaze.

The Unity Blaze represents the fire of community each of us holds—and is the center of the Black Folks Camp Too logo. This symbol signals that the person displaying it follows the blaze phrase: “You are INVITED and WELCOMED.” The ultimate goal of the Unity Blaze is to invite everyone around the campfire for a community-wide movement to create a genuinely inclusive outdoor space through our combined efforts and equitable actions.


Leave No Trace and Black Folks Camp Too believe that by gathering the outdoor community around the actual campfire, and digitally around the #UnityBlaze, we will help spark up the conversations and connections needed to build a truly inclusive outdoor space so that all people can unite in the fight to protect our outdoor spaces. Thats why weve joined forces to launch the Unity Blaze Patch Project!


When you rock or repair your favorite outdoor gear with our unique Unity Blaze Noso Patch, you are stoking the movement to create a more inclusive outdoor space, plus youre helping to Leave No Trace—reducing textile waste by extending the life cycle of your go-to gear!


For $10 get your own Unity Blaze. Your support will not only make you a symbol of unity within our outdoor community but will help Black Folks Camp Too and Leave No Traces combined efforts to provide outdoor educational opportunities through our CampUS Scholarship Program and Digital Education Initiative. Funds from the project will also ignite the Unity Blaze Fund which will distribute empowering endowments to groups and organizations which are working to build a truly inclusive outdoor space.


Get your own Unity Blaze Noso Patch and fund outdoor education today.