Other Ways to Give

Donate with confidence — for every dollar given to Leave No Trace, $0.83 goes directly into advocacy and education of responsible outdoor recreation.

Give by Mail

To give a gift of cash, mail a check made payable to “Leave No Trace” to:

Leave No Trace
PO Box 997
Boulder, CO 80306

And, don’t forget to sign your check!


Make a Memorial Gift

Make a gift in remembrance, and you can notify loved ones of your caring tribute.


Make a Tribute Gift

Giving a tribute gift is a great way to recognize a person’s passion for the outdoors.

Workplace Giving

Many employers will match donations to Leave No Trace, either a portion or dollar-for-dollar. Check with your employer for this easy way to double your donation!

Give a Membership

Do you know of a friend, family member, or colleague who is an outdoor advocate? Give them a gift membership to show them how much you care. Please email [email protected] to give a Gift Membership or visit our online store to purchase an e-gift card.

Donate While You Shop

A growing list of online companies allows a portion of your purchase to be directed to Leave No Trace as a gift. Donations are small, but they cost you nothing! eBay allows you to support Leave No Trace with a tax-deductible contribution during your sale. Slickdeals and iGive.com allow you to save money shopping at your favorite stores while giving money back to Leave No Trace through their give programs.


Give by Phone

Call Leave No Trace during regular business hours at 303-442-8222 x 105 to make a gift over the phone.


Gifts of Stock

Donating appreciated stock to Leave No Trace benefits you and Leave No Trace. You receive two tax-related benefits. First, the appreciated value of the donated stock is not subject to capital gains taxes. Second, the donor can deduct the stock’s fair market value as a charitable contribution (subject to IRS rules). Leave No Trace will sell the stock and put the money quickly to work. (As a non-profit organization, we’re exempt from capital gains taxes.) The net result: you can make a more significant gift to Leave No Trace because of the tax savings.

The treatment of capital gains varies from state to state. Be sure to consult your tax advisor regarding capital gains in your state. It is also important to remember that to maximize the tax benefit available to you, the shares you wish to donate must be transferred to Leave No Trace before they are sold. The value of your contribution is determined by the date the gift of shares is complete (typically within 1-3 days of donation). The value of the gift is determined by averaging the high and low sales price per share on the date the transfer is completed and multiplying it by the number of shares transferred.

If you are interested in making a stock gift, please contact Membership by phone at 303-442-8222 x 105 or by email at [email protected]. If you already know the specifics of the stock gift you would like to make, you can begin the gift transfer process by completing this form.

Planned Giving

By making a planned gift to Leave No Trace you are playing a critical role to protect the outdoors for generations to come. Planned giving is not only for the wealthy — everyone can make a very meaningful difference through planned giving.

Investing in the Future

You have a vested interest in the future of the outdoors, whether it is your own or for your children. Today, the lands we cherish face serious environmental impacts, so consider the legacy you leave by including Leave No Trace in your plans for the future.

By making a planned gift to Leave No Trace, you are playing a critical role in protecting the outdoors for generations to come.

The Options from Leave No Trace

Unlike cash donations, planned gifts are typically made from assets in your estate rather than disposable income. Planned giving is not only for the wealthy. Everyone can make a significant difference through planned giving.

Many options exist to help you meet your financial goals and maximize philanthropic giving through sound and timely gift planning to Leave No Trace.

  • Bequests: Include Leave No Trace in your Will. If you do, let us know so we can thank you and ensure your wishes are known. Benefits may include flexible planning that can be modified as circumstances change, estate tax deductions, and the continued use and enjoyment of assets.
  • An Outright Gift: This may consist of stock, securities, real estate, cash, an in-kind gift, and more. Benefits may include income tax deduction and possible avoidance of capital gains tax.
  • Charitable Gift Annuity: A charitable gift annuity provides dependable payments for life as you support Leave No Trace. Benefits may include guaranteed fixed income for life, income tax charitable deduction, reduction in capital gains tax, and possible estate tax deduction.

Take the First Steps

Understanding Leave No Trace’s Planned Giving options is the first step you need to take. Then, you can pick the plan that best suits you and your family’s needs. As soon as you make your gift, it will begin working for you and Leave No Trace.

Call Leave No Trace and talk with Susy Alkaitis (303) 442-8222 x108, who will provide the information you need to start planning.

Leave No Trace is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization (EIN # 84-1303335). Your donation to Leave No Trace is tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.