The Benefits of Planting a Native Garden

Celina Montorfano - March 16, 2022

With spring right around the corner, now is the perfect time to start planning for your garden’s return to glory!  But what will you plant this year?  The same as last year, whatever is popular?  Read on to discover the many benefits planting native plants can bring to you, your garden, and your local area!

Wildflowers like the ones pictured here make an excellent addition to any landscaping project!

So, what are the benefits native plants can bring to the owner of the garden?  Well, native plants do not require fertilizers since they are well adapted to live in the region.  They also require fewer pesticides since they are naturally resilient to the garden pests that inhabit the area.  Native plants need to be watered less often too because they have adapted over time to rely on the natural amounts of rainfall that occur in the region.  Because of the benefits brought by native plants, you could save yourself time and money by having a native garden.

Now, let’s look at how native plants can help your garden itself.  Less need for pesticides can promote an increase of beneficial insect populations.  The beauty of a native garden can also make your front yard the scenic hotspot of the neighborhood, especially for local butterflies and hummingbirds, which prefer the native species they are accustomed to.  Fewer pesticides and smelly fertilizers plus more butterflies and hummingbirds, equals a really nice place to sit and relax on a bright spring day!

Finally, what benefits do native plants bring to the local area?  For one they promote biodiversity.  As natural habitats are replaced by more developed areas, a natural garden can provide a bridge to remaining wildlands for local wildlife by providing food and shelter.  Migratory pollinators will be able to rest their wings while they sip some nectar, and birds can find food for their young in a native garden.

Bring these benefits and many more to your home this spring by planting a native garden.  Help support wildlife in your local area by having a budget-friendly and time-freeing garden full of native plant species.  Even if it’s not in your nature, it’s still your nature, help support it with a natural garden!

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