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From Online to Outside

Julia Oleksiak - January 7, 2019

Boulder, CO Calling all kids! This new year we’re giving YOU the Leave No Trace skills to press pause on your screens and hit play on the outdoors. Are you with us? It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…

1.  Find out what it means to hike and play on durable surfaces:

When we say “durable surface” we mean a sidewalk, a path, or a play area outdoors where our feet won’t disrupt the plants and animals that call the surrounding area home. There are also some fun and surprising durable surfaces! For example did you know that snow is a durable surface? How about sand? Check out this video to learn about other great places to play and then get out there and see for yourselves!

2. Learn the thumb trick and help keep wildlife wild:

Learning to respect wildlife is just like giving your friends a thumbs up as you spend time playing outdoors! Stick your arm out, give a thumbs up, and if you can cover the animal you are looking at with your thumb, then you’re far enough away so that you and the animal can keep having fun outside. See the thumb trick in action below and then get outside and teach your friends. You can even switch off pretending to be your favorite animal as you each practice.

3. Discover the Leave No Trace magic number:

How far exactly is 200ft, and why is this number so important? When we’re outdoors, we want to make sure we are being respectful of the places we like to play in. Learn more about this “magic” number and impress your parents by telling them how many steps they have to take compared to your steps. Then test it out next time you’re all outside!

Now you’ve seen all three videos, ditch the screen and grab your friends and family and get exploring! We’ll see you out there.

Let’s protect and enjoy our natural world together

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