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Do Your Part to Prevent Wildfires. Leave No Trace.

Guest - September 23, 2020

Wildfires are ravaging the West, and people are the culprits in starting nearly 90 percent of all wildfires according to the US Department of the Interior. It is more important than ever to learn and practice Leave No Trace with your campfires and fire management and in the outdoors.

  1. Fire bans are in place in many areas across the country. Check regulations before any excursion that may involve campfires, fire or fireworks. If you use cigarettes, fully extinguish them and dispose of them properly.
  2. Use a camp stove for cooking if one is available to you. Stoves can create fewer impacts than fire.
  3. If you have a campfire, use existing fire rings to protect the ground from heat. Keep your fire small.
  4. Burn all wood completely to ash and be sure the fire is completely out and cold before you leave the campfire. For more information check out this video:

Particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic, firefighters and the agencies that manage our beloved public lands are experiencing unprecedented challenges with wildfire. Do your part to prevent wildfires. Leave No Trace.

Let’s protect and enjoy our natural world together

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