Training Structure










The three levels of Leave No Trace courses are well represented in the shape of a pyramid. Master Educator Courses are at the top of the pyramid, and after completing this level of comprehensive training, people go on to become Leave No Trace Master Educators. The Master Educators, in turn, teach people the second level, the Trainer Course, upon completion of which people become Leave No Trace Trainers.  The Master Educators and Trainers both, are then eligible to conduct our third level of training, called Awareness Workshops, which are designed for the general public to learn, practice and promote Leave No Trace.

Master Educator Course is typically five days in length and designed for people who are actively teaching others backcountry skills or providing recreation information to the public. 

The Trainer Course is a vital component of the nationwide Leave No Trace program. It is a shortened version of the Master Educator course, in which participants receive introductory training in Leave No Trace skills and ethics in a condensed two-day format. 

The third tier of Leave No Trace training is the Awareness Workshop. An Awareness Workshop can be any formal Leave No Trace presentation that is one-day or less in length. These presentations can include a wide variety of programs, ranging from a 30-minute presentation to a day-long workshop. Experiential-based training in an outdoor setting is encouraged. 

Training Guidelines

The national Leave No Trace training program has grown to include over 4,600 Leave No Trace Master Educators, and more than 23,000 Leave No Trace Trainers.  As the number of institutions, organizations and agencies interested in offering Leave No Trace training programs increases, it is important to maintain stringent standardized guidelines.

For guidelines on conducting Master Educator and Trainer courses, please visit the following link.  Read more >