Master Educator Courses


As of January 2016, there were over 7,245 Leave No Trace Master Educators worldwide, representing 28 countries and the 50 United States. This invaluable training is recognized and highly regarded throughout the world, especially by the outdoor industry, as well as land management agencies. The profile of our graduates is extremely varied; from outdoor retail executives, school teachers, USFS and NPS backcountry rangers, to scout leaders, college outing club members, outfitters and guides.

Successful graduates of the Master Educator course have the ability to train others in Leave No Trace skills and ethics. Master Educators can conduct Leave No Trace Trainer courses (two-day) and Awareness Workshops (one-day or shorter).

The Master Educator Course provides participants with a comprehensive training in Leave No Trace skills and ethics, through practical application in a field-based setting. The first day is spent in a classroom, introducing the course and schedule, providing in-depth information on the overall Leave No Trace program as well as the Center, reviewing gear and packing. The remaining four days are spent in the field on a short backcountry trip, learning and practicing the principles of Leave No Trace.

Each course is staffed with a minimum of two highly experienced outdoor professionals who are Master Educator Instructors. You will learn Leave No Trace techniques through skits, discussions, and hands-on activities. To practice Leave No Trace teaching strategies in a supportive, educational environment, each participant will teach a short session focused on the seven Leave No Trace principles.TrainingCar.jpg

Most participants to complete a Master Educator Course receive a one-year membership to Leave No Trace. This membership gives new Master Educators better access to teaching resources, as well as closer contact with the Center for education, training, and outreach questions.

How to Enroll in a Master Educator Course

Master Educator Courses are available through one of the Center's official Course Providers. Please visit the calendar to see scheduled courses and enroll. Upon enrollment, participants receive a packet of course materials including information regarding travel, equipment, medical screening and a detailed course description. Upon completion of the course, graduates receive evaluations, a diploma certificate, extensive educational support, and supplies to conduct their own Leave No Trace education. 


Tuition for the five-day Master Educator course ranges from $500–$830, depending on the course provider and location. Tuition includes all meals and transportation during the course. Rations, instruction, group equipment, and curriculum material are included in the cost. Participants are responsible for travel to and from their course location, and at some locations, for lodging while not in the field.


Participants are required to bring their own personal equipment suitable for a short backcountry trip. Specific equipment needs vary for different course types and locations. Course providers will supply all group equipment (tents, stoves, etc.). Additionally, some equipment can be borrowed or purchased for personal use from the provider. A detailed equipment list is mailed to participants before their course.

College Credit

Participants at ​National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) Master Educator courses can earn 2 hours of college credit from the University of Utah, Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism. This optional credit is an additional $65.00 per semester hour. Details are available from NOLS.