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What is #LeaveNoTrash?

The annual #LeaveNoTrash campaign is a global movement to unite individuals from around the world with one mission: to clean up the Earth, one scrap of trash at a time. This international campaign invites everyone who loves the outdoors to get outside, get organized and get cleaning. 

This Earth Month, join the #LeaveNoTrash Challenge by gathering friends and family and heading out to your favorite outdoor areas, whether your local park, favorite urban spot, or a national forest, to pick up litter and restore health and vitality back to nature. By joining, you will be entered to win one of 350+ giveaway items! Learn more below!

#LeaveNoTrash Facts

How to Get Involved:

Take the #LeaveNoTrash Challenge, win cool stuff!

Here’s the harsh truth: Every minute, at least two garbage trucks worth of trash end up in our oceans. This pollution directly contributes to over 1,000,000+ marine animals dying from plastic consumption each year, and the trash just keeps. on. coming. 

That’s why we need YOU to take action today. This Earth Month, choose to make a difference and take the #LeaveNoTrash Challenge. In 2023, thanks to your help, we collectively removed 10,000 pounds of trash from nature. This year, our goal is to remove 15,000 pounds of trash from our environment.

Here’s how the #LeaveNoTrash Challenge works: 

1. Clean Up Head to your favorite outdoor spaces, whether it be an urban area or local/state/national park to pick up trash and make a positive impact. 

2. Record It Record your trash by taking a picture of trash collected, sharing the weight from your cleanup(s), or sharing how many bags you filled to have your efforts counted towards the Earth Month totals. Collect data via integrated Google Form on #LeaveNoTrash landing page. 

3. Enter to Win – When you complete the above form you are automatically entered to win! 350 participants will win at least one of the following: 250 AllTrails+ memberships, 50 sticker packs, 10 new merch tees, free Leave No Trace membership.

Once your clean-up is over, record and upload your group or individual trash numbers and photos to automatically be entered to win Leave No Trace’s prizes. Participants will have the chance to win one of 250 free AllTrails+ memberships, sticker packs, exclusive merch tees, and even a free Leave No Trace membership.

Help Us Reach Our Goal

Litter Collected During #LeaveNoTrash 100%

Our goal for #LeaveNoTrash 2024 was to remove 15,000 lbs from natural spaces… As of 4/22/24 we are happy to report that our network of individual stewards and community partners have removed 63,357 lbs of litter! We could not have done this without all you awesome protectors of nature. We have enjoyed seeing all the pictures of your cleanups, keep up the good work! Entries for the giveaways are still valid through the end of the month. 

Spread The Word!

Why is #LeaveNoTrash important?

Why does it matter that we pick up trash? The effects of waste pollution are far-reaching and often devastating. Plastic pollution alone contributes to over 1 million marine animal deaths a year. Tragedies such as this can be prevented through outdoor education and encouraging local communities who care about the planet into action. After all, a win for the Earth is a win for all. So get outside today and organize a cleanup in your community, and remember, every individual action creates a tidal wave of change.

#LeaveNoTrash Accomplishments:

A volunteer removes litter from a park in Florida.

In 2022, we were able to remove over 3,800 pounds. Last year,  through the power of community, we were able to remove 10,000 pounds of trash from the outdoors. This year, we’re challenging you to go even further. For this Earth Month, we’re challenging you to take it up a notch. With your help, our goal in 2024 is to remove 15,000 pounds of trash from the environment.


Resources For Your Cleanup

A volunteer group meets in a park.

Planning a Cleanup

A straightforward guide to planning your own cleanup.

A volunteer puts litter in a bucket.

Make it Sustainable

These 5 tips will help you be even more sustainable in your efforts.

Volunteers remove litter from an ocean beach.

Everyday is Earth Day

The Earth needs us to act consciously every day, all 365 days a year.