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Five Great Leave No Trace Educational Resources

Susy Alkaitis - August 10, 2017

Boulder, CO: We believe Leave No Trace should be part of every child’s educational experience. In fact, that’s the motivation behind our Leave No Trace for Every Kid initiative. While the Traveling Trainers reach thousands of kids each year with direct Leave No Trace education, we know that parents, teachers, scout leaders, camp staff, and everyone with kids in his or her life can play a pivotal role in helping them develop an outdoor ethic.

While on the road, we are often asked for our favorite Leave No Trace educational materials, so we’ve compiled a list of resources for working with kids on their Leave No Trace skills. Most are free or under $15, so it’s easy to build a Leave No Trace educational toolkit on the cheap.

1. Seven Principles Hand Motion Video – Learn these easy hand motions for each of the Leave No Trace Principles and you’ll never forget them again!

2. Bigfoot’s Playbook – This book is our favorite on-the-go reference. We love the index in the back that allows us to find appropriate activities based on age, group size and how much time we have. Plus, the activities are described in easy-to-follow detail. You’ll love the pictures, too!



3. Ready-to-Go Seven Principles Lesson Plans – Check out these easy, printable plans. Our favorite is Close Encounters of the Unkind to help kids understand the importance of being respectful of other visitors.


4. Online Awareness Workshop – Want a quick refresher of your Leave No Trace knowledge? It only takes half an hour to take our online Awareness Workshop.

5. Trek and Track Say – Working with young kids? Incorporate Leave No Trace into one of their favorite games!


Enjoy Your World. Leave No Trace.

Jessie and Matt, Subaru/Leave No Trace Traveling Trainers Team West

Leave No Trace’s Jessie Johnson and Matt Schneider are part of the 2017 Subaru/Leave No Trace Traveling Trainer Program that provides free, mobile education to communities across the country. Proud partners of this program include Subaru of America, REI, Eagles Nest Outfitters, Deuter, Thule, Klean Kanteen, and Smartwool.


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