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Leave No Trace and Airbnb Join Forces to Empower Communities and Expand Sustainability Mission

Chloe Lindahl - January 24, 2023
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Boulder, CO. January 24, 2023: Leave No Trace announces a new partnership with Airbnb through the 2022 Airbnb Community Fund that will assist Leave No Trace sustainability-focused mission and expand its world-renowned science, research and education to millions of people across the U.S in 2023. The AirBnb Community Fund’s mission is to strengthen communities around the globe and support sustainability education. Leave No Trace has a proven track record reversing decades of environmental damage through its high-demand programs, research-backed education and hands-on ground work.

Leave No Trace is a well-established international non-profit organization leading the way in sustainability education and outdoor ethics. The organization believes that people are the solution to present-day environmental challenges and it empowers communities through on the ground learning of Leave No Trace science and education. In 2022 alone, Leave No Trace conducted 320 global educational programs, training’s as well as community outreach events involving 498,000 people across 32 states and 93 countries, blazing a new, substantial trail of outdoor advocates.

With the support of the Airbnb Community Fund, Leave No Trace is able to fortify its newest education program, Leave No Trace Spotlights. The Spotlight program focuses on protecting and restoring outdoor areas that are facing challenges ranging from overuse to habitat degradation and more. Each Leave No Trace Spotlight community is equipped with education, training and community engagement to address the issues and outdoor impacts that it faces. With 20 sites chosen across diverse landscapes, parks and trails, Leave No Trace has the opportunity to educate and empower people and aid communities that span the U.S.

“This grant allows Leave No Trace to bolster its critical work of giving people the power and knowledge to protect nature — especially the parks, trails and open space in their outdoor communities. Our Spotlight programs are designed to rethink the approach to outdoor conservation and we’re excited to be leading the way,” according to Dana Watts, Executive Director of Leave No Trace.

Leave No Trace strongly believes in aligning with companies that share similar values and ethics. In 2021, Airbnb announced its goal to operate as a Net Zero company by 2030, reducing carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions associated with their global corporate operations and investing in quality nature based solutions to offset residual emissions. The company’s commitment to sustainability reiterates the same values of conservation Leave No Trace promotes worldwide.

Leave No Trace is proud to be a recipient of this prestigious award through the recognition of its works. Leave No Trace is joined alongside over 20 other incredible organizations across 19 countries and six continents united in the mission to promote, teach and fulfill sustainability and conservation needs in all corners of the world.

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About Leave No Trace: Using the power of science, education for all, and stewardship to support and protect nature, Leave No Trace is on a mission to ensure a sustainable future for the outdoors and the planet. Learn more at: LeaveNoTrace.Org

For any questions contact Dana Watts, [email protected]

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