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How do you minimize impacts?

Guest - October 16, 2009

Following our last event at Radford University in Radford, VA, we were excited to discover that nearby Blacksburg, VA was celebrating Sustainability Week! As part of the celebration, a local theater was showing the documentary No Impact Man. This film is based on a man who decides to eliminate his environmental impact for an entire year. His wife and 2 year old daughter join him on his mission to be impact free. The film was very inspiring and doesn’t demand that we all strive to eliminate our carbon footprint, but evaluate what we can do in our own community to do our part to take care of the resources on this planet.

How does this all relate to Leave No Trace? Although it is impossible to leave NO trace, through education and the understanding of our individual impacts, we can all do our part to preserve and protect the quality of the finite resources that are our outdoor playgrounds! So whether you are enjoying your backyard or your backcountry, consider ways you can minimize impacts on the environment!
Safe travels…Kate and Tracy

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