Leave No Trace Scientists

Scientist Bios: Ben Lawhon

About Ben:

Ben Lawhon is a seasoned conservation professional with deep commitment to environmental protection through research, education, and public/private collaboration. He is the Founder and Principal of Recreation Solutions Group where he works with parks and protected areas to assess, understand, and solve visitor use issues and impacts. Ben previously worked for Leave No Trace for over 20 years, serving as the Senior Director of Research and Consulting. Prior to Leave No Trace, he worked for the Appalachian Trail Conservancy as an Associate Regional Representative for the AT in Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee. Ben has served on numerous national and regional non-profit boards, and is currently serving on the Recreate Responsibly National Steering Committee. He has a B.S. in Natural Resources Management from the University of Tennessee and an M.S. in Human Dimensions of Natural Resources from Colorado State University. 

“One of the primary strengths of the Leave No Trace movement is its scientific underpinning. In many ways, this scientific foundation is why Leave No Trace has been so effective. Being part of this research journey over the past 15 years has been incredible given just how much Leave No Trace-focused research has benefited both people and the land.” 

-Ben Lawhon