Leave No Trace In The News

Volunteers and staff at the Appalachian Trail Conservancy have created a series of unique videos that instruct visitors on how to minimize their impact on the Appalachian Trail.  The series contains 16 videos that can all be viewed on YouTube

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You may want to take home a prized souvenir from your hike or backpacking trip...but is it really worth it?  Take a look at this American Alpine Institute article about the significance of leaving what you find in the backcountry.  

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Are you preparing for your first camping trip of the summer?  Take a second to brush up on your Leave No Trace knowledge with these camping basics from Gear Patrol.  This article features the Center's Education Director, Ben Lawhon!

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Festival season is upon us and this year many non-profits are taking the lead on leaving less of an impact on festival sites.  What Leave No Trace principles do you plan on following when you attend music festivals this summer?  Read the full article here!

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Vandalism continues to be a major problem in parks.  Which of the Seven Principles does this issue conflict with?  Read the full article here.  

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San Francisco's Dolores Park is currently facing some challenges concerning trash and visitors.  In order to take on these challenges San Francisco's Parks Department has contracted Leave No Trace to consult this "culture problem".  Check out this article featuring the Center's Education Director, Ben Lawhon!  

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Whether it is camping, hunting, or simply enjoying the view, everyone should be able to enjoy being outside in a pristine setting.  Check out this article concerning Leave No Trace for hunters written by our Wyoming State Advocate, Sara Kirol ! 

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Read the full article here: http://rmefblog.blogspot.com/2015/04/leave-no-trace-for-hunters.html 

Leave no trace on your trail runs with these helpful tips from Women's Running!  

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Find the full article here: http://womensrunning.competitor.com/2015/04/news/5-earth-day-tips-for-clean-trail-running_38368#qKxQc6THX2ogJrOJ.99

Even in attempt to practice Leave No Trace,  the Maitreya festival in Australia is still seeing issues with waste.

Find the full article here: http://www.tonedeaf.com.au/440233/aftermath-aussie-music-festival-last-w... Did you know the Center attends multiple music festivals to promote low-impact camping?  Check out our calendar if you are interested in attending any of these festivals.

Council members in Mexico Beach, Florida continue to consider Leave No Trace in their efforts to minimize trash and impacts on wildlife in the area.

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