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Want to be a Leave No Trace Master Educator? Found out how here.

Chloe Lindahl - June 8, 2022

Leave No Trace offers a variety of outdoor education programs to teach everyone from kids to adults on how to Leave No Trace to protect the outdoor places we love.

The programs range in intensity based on the level of certification you’re looking for: 

The Awareness Workshop is our entry level course, which typically runs anywhere from 3 hours to a full day. These workshops can be tailored for college students, youths, outdoor educators or just anyone interested in learning more about the Leave No Trace Principles. 

If you’d like to gain a more in depth understanding of the principles, the Trainer Course provides a slightly more comprehensive 2-day skills and ethics course. Graduates of the Trainer Course are then certified to teach Awareness Workshops in their community. 

The last and most comprehensive course offered is the Master Educator Course. The Master Educator Course has participants learn Leave No Trace through a variety of techniques including discussions, scenarios, demonstrations, and hands-on activities. The course takes place over a 5-day field based period. Participants will leave with the knowledge and skills to become the most highly certified stewards and teachers of Leave No Trace Principles. Moreover, graduates of the Master Educator Course are then equipped with the skills and knowledge to lead Trainer Courses. Our 11 course providers are the only authorized organizations to run the Master Educator Course. To find a provider in your area check out the list below:

California (BackCountry Horsemen of California)

Colorado (Alpine Institute)

Illinois (Southern Illinois University)

Massachusetts (Appalachian Mountain Club)

New York (Adirondack Mountain Club)

North Carolina (Landmark Learning)

Texas (Boy Scouts of America)

Washington (Rainier Mountaineering Inc)

West Virginia (Appalachian Trail Conservancy)

Wyoming (NOLS)

Wyoming (Solid Rock Outdoor Ministries)

Let’s protect and enjoy our natural world together

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