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Moe Lemire

New York State Advocate

I live in the beautiful Catskill Mountains and run a Non-Profit called the Pine Hill Community Center. Living here in the Catskill Park, Leave No Trace is more important than ever. The Catskill Mountains in its proximity to the New York Metro area have seen an influx of visitors over the last several years. With Catskill Park being the first outdoor experience for many, proper use of the wilderness is important. Unlike Central Park and many state parks in the urban areas, Catskill Park has no paid staff to collect trash or manage trail maintenance. The Catskill Park is a carry in/carry out park.  With the overuse of popular areas such as Kaaterskill Falls and The Blue Hole, along with trash left behind, teaching Leave No Trace Principles are very important here. My goal is to help preserve and protect our lands for future generations to enjoy them as we do today. Reach out to see how you can help spread Leave No Trace in your area.

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